Global Recession.

Social Revolution in progress.


If we can take anything away from this year,

It’s that we are all in this together.

There is only one race,

And it’s the HUMAN race.

Whether you are black, white, Hispanic, Gay, Straight,

Rich, Poor, or anywhere in between.


We are all in this together.


With everything we have,

And are going through,

It has become more and more evident

That we have to work together.

That we must diversify.


To face the challenges together.

As one.


In the workplace, this remains true.

Diversity brings different perspectives;

Different experiences;

Different ways of thinking.


This greater range of perspectives,

Creates and breeds innovation.

A good idea can quickly become great,

From another’s collaboration,

Ideas that may not have been thought of otherwise.


A diversified company,

Will see greater market share,

Improved hiring results

And increased profit.


By not alienating subcultures and minorities,

You will open yourself up to a whole new audience, talent pool and customer base.

In the world of business diversity is smart and ethical.


Let’s share our talent,

Our stories,

Our skills.

Let’s diversify.


We are all in this together.


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