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On-Hire Labour Agreement / 457 Visa

Australia continues to experience a high demand for skilled occupations across Allied Health, Nursing and skilled Engineering & Trades. ChoiceOne’s stance is to provide employment and training opportunities for Australian workers ahead of any overseas recruitment, however, at times this is difficult to achieve.

ChoiceOne is unwavering in its commitment to remain innovative and continually adapts to meet the needs of our clients in changing market environments. As a result, ChoiceOne actively pursued an expanded On-hire Labour Agreement with the Commonwealth Government to enable clients to sponsor skilled and/or specialised professionals to work in Australia.

As the employer, this creates new opportunities to source overseas trained candidates in the areas of genuine skills shortage occupations via ChoiceOne’s Labour Agreement.

Eligible candidates must be employed in the discipline of the visa that they have been approved by the Immigration Department. The visa allows the candidate to work in Australia in a full-time capacity for up to four years. During this time, candidates are able to apply for permanent residency, subject to the conditions associated with residency status.

Under the 457 Visa regulations, ChoiceOne remains responsible for these candidates for the duration of the 457 Visa term, including the return to their point of origin if for any reason the host client no longer requires these skills.

To find out how ChoiceOne can help fill positions that are under the Australian Skilled Shortage list, contact us today or send us your enquiry below.