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HR Services

ChoiceOne has been helping Western Australian businesses to maximise their HR function for more than two decades.

We believe a good HR strategy is one that embraces proven processes for people, performance, and productivity – and one that will ultimately influence your profitability. That’s why we offer a wide range of practical, tailored solutions in strategic HR planning and HR support for both government and private sectors.

Management and Support

Our People Looking After Your People

The strategic management of your Human Resources and the ability to align it with your business goals is critical for success.

ChoiceOne delivers a broad range of HR management and support across government sectors and small to medium businesses. We have the experience and capability to tailor solutions to our clients’ needs, whatever the scope.

Whether it’s assessing and managing all of your HR requirements, or simply supporting an existing internal resource that’s a bit stretched, we can help. ChoiceOne’s adaptability means our solutions can be used however you choose to use them.

Our solid understanding of the public sector standards and required governance allows us to assist government departments in achieving optimal outcomes for classification and selection.

ChoiceOne offers a broad range of HR solutions for small to medium businesses that don’t have the resources of a full-time internal function. From complete HR management to assisting and supporting your existing internal resources, our focus is on providing options that work for you.

Back your intuition with science. We offer a range of proven tests and assessments to assist you in accurately measuring your HR, whether it’s for recruitment and selection, development of individuals or development of your organisation.

Proven Processes for Productivity

At ChoiceOne, we understand that attracting, recruiting and retaining the right people ensures a higher level of alignment, productivity and profitability for our clients.

We work within a structure based around the Australian Human Resources Framework, HRF101. It is this system of proven processes, methods and research that allows us to deliver successful outcomes every time.

Whatever your HR requirements, ChoiceOne’s flexible solutions and personalised approach can help you evaluate and maximise effectiveness and productivity within your workplace.

To find out how ChoiceOne’s HR Services can help you engage and retain your human capital, call us today or send us your enquiry below.

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