Assessment and Testing

ChoiceOne offers a range of individual skills ability testing and personality assessments to help recruit and retain your human capital.

As an accredited psychometric testing and assessment centre provider, ChoiceOne utilises the range of testing facilities. Mapped to the individual needs of the client, we are able to provide reliable, relevant and effective assessment reports on an individual’s abilities, interests and personality factors.

Some examples of what we can measure include:

  • Psychometric testing (personality, behavioural and aptitude)
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Competency testing (typing, alphanumeric data entry)
  • Computer literacy (Windows, MAC)
  • Software ability testing (Microsoft, Adobe, CMS)
  • Abilities and Aptitudes (attention to detail, email etiquette, technical writing skills, following directions, proofreading)
  • Industry-specific skills (Engineering and Design, Accounting and Finance, IT, Hospitality)

Put some science behind your ‘gut feel’ …

Ever recruited someone who looked amazing on paper but didn’t quite meet the role requirements? Instead of relying on that “gut feeling”, determine a candidate’s suitability and ‘fit’ by understanding their abilities, behavioural style and personality strengths by carrying out psychometric testing as part of the pre-selection process.

By utilising effective, relevant and reliable testing during the recruitment selection process, you can:

  1. Learn about a candidates abilities, work style and habits prior to making a job offer;
  2. Understand a candidate’s temperament and behaviours relating to a role (eg people focus, sales style or independence etc); and
  3. Use focused interview questions based on the candidate’s profile.

The results will allow you to understand what motivates the candidate as well as identify their behaviours, actions and attitudes in certain situations. You’ll also understand the candidate’s work and learning styles, strengths and how they would interact with other employees before they start working in your organisation.

Retaining your Employees

The use of the assessment and testing tools is not limited to selection process. They can also be used in a targeted approach to developing your employees’ skills to increase motivation, productivity and teamwork by developing personal strengths and self-awareness.

The results will outline an employee’s strengths, areas for development and their natural behavioural styles. By understanding the behaviours of your current employees, you can determine how to retain employees with customised training and coaching initiatives.

These are a short outline of just some of the tests for individual we can conduct. ChoiceOne also has a range of assessments for job roles and organisational Metrics.  For detailed information please contact our HR Advisers who would be happy to pull together a tailored solution to meet your organisational requirements.

“Thanks so much Sarah. The whole experience working with you has been fabulous. I can’t recommend you highly enough to anyone looking for a recruiter.”

Lara Steel

Manager, Headspace Fremantle

“The support that we (Youth Focus) get from Kerry (as a Recruiter) is remarkable. She has been very resourceful and prompt whenever we have needed help. We couldn’t possibly find ourselves a safer pair of hands.”

Hank Mishra

HR Generalist - Youth Focus WA

“Kerry showed a keen understanding of the skills and background of the ideal candidate to match them to the needs and culture
of the firm. I would not hesitate to use Kerry for future placements”

Fran Hogan

Practice Manager, Taylor Smart Lawyers & Notaries

“I just wanted to thank you again for the prompt and professional service that you offered me. I have found your ability to communicate efficiently and effectively a breath of fresh air when dealing with recruiter, so thanks again.”

Ben Haning


“ChoiceOne has been such a massive help with my move to Australia. I had been looking for a Radiography job with no luck for 2 months. As soon as I got in contact with Charlotte I had regular phone calls with updates about jobs availability. In no time at all I had the job I wanted plus extra locum work while I waited for my permanent job to start. Charlotte was so productive and helpful with any queries I had too.  I would highly recommend ChoiceOne and thank them for all their help.”

Rebecca James


Brett, thank you again so much for all your help and guidance during my recent job interviews. I am extremely grateful that you remained neutral and that you were so willing to give me unbiased advice during the process. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends and colleagues and I hope to be in a position one day to acquire staff via your firm.

I look forward to working with you in the future.


Radiographer (NSW)