Are you thinking of taking on an Apprentice or Trainee to support business operations? As a certified Group Training Organisation (GTO), ChoiceOne has had great success in placing numerous apprentices and trainees across a range of industries. Our success stems from playing an integral role in sourcing, and importantly managing the incumbent employee.

We recently received a communication from a client who we had worked with for many years in providing solutions for his former employer’s apprenticeship requirements.

The Apprentice Becomes the Master

Between 2005 and 2010, former manager Ashley Chadwick hired and trained four apprentices sourced through ChoiceOne. One of these apprentices, Chris Capao, started with the company in 2007. Due to Ashley’s attentive management and mentoring, along with the support provided by ChoiceOne, Chris eagerly developed his skills and experience, ultimately leading to his permanent employment at Professional Sheet Metals in 2010, after the completion of his apprenticeship.

Since that time, Chris and Ashley have worked together, moving between different employers along the way. With Ashley’s support, Chris continued to develop his talent in sheet metal work, so much so that Chris has now become Ashley’s supervisor under their current employer!

“I’m very proud of Chris. We have now worked together at Professional Sheet Metals, Roofspan, HVLV, and now to see him progress with the skills and knowledge gained, is very satisfying to have played a role in Chris’ development”, said Ashely Chadwick.

Of course, this type of success only comes from the employee himself who had a passion, interest and flair in sheet metal work. In this case, Chris committed himself to the apprenticeship programme, taking on board the skills and experience offered by his mentor, Ashley, whilst also focusing on obtaining his industry qualifications thanks to the support and guidance offered by ChoiceOne.

Chief Executive Officer of ChoiceOne, Marg Van Heurck said, “We take our responsibility seriously in shaping the career of the apprentice or trainee, and providing the best chance of success for our client employer. Our role is more than finding the apprentice or trainee, we are actively engaged in the employer/employee relationship, and are involved in the skills development, evaluation of on-the-job performance and role fit to ensure he/she is on track to becoming a stellar employee.”

ChoiceOne’s commitment to providing support for both the individual and the business owner enables it to provide quality people solutions to the benefit or all parties. As a certified Group Training Organisation, ChoiceOne makes the process of sourcing and managing apprentices and trainees easy, assisting the client in every step of the apprenticeship/traineeship lifestyle. The service is especially beneficial for small to medium business, as ChoiceOne takes on the employer and training obligations so the client employer can focus on managing their business.

For more information on ChoiceOne’s Group Training, visit our website or contact our GTO team on 9215 3888.

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