Government Sector HR Services

At ChoiceOne, we understand that attracting, recruiting and retaining the right people is equally fundamental within the Government environment, and that’s why we provide a range of solutions specifically suited to the sector.

Our qualified and knowledgeable HR Advisors can support WA State and Local Government departments with the timely administration and facilitation of Government recruitment processes, as well as providing advice in relation to Public Sector standards.

Job Design and Classification

ChoiceOne’s experienced HR Advisers can assist in both the establishment of new roles and the reclassification of existing positions, including:

  • Development of new and review of existing Job Descriptions including consultation processes
  • Review of organisational requirements
  • Composing revised Job Description
  • Completing a Work Value Assessment including Job Evaluation Questionnaire and BIPERs Assessment
  • Comparative assessment and analysis
  • Completion of all relevant documentation

With a thorough understanding of classification processes including Specified Calling, PSGOGA and HSU requirements, we can assist you to ensure your workforce documentation is relevant and accurate.

Selection and Recommendation

We work closely with Panel Chairs, Panel Members and HR offering a range of practical solutions, including:

  • Application management
  • Assessment of applications
  • Facilitation of shortlisting meeting
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Attend & Scribe Interviews
  • Thorough Reference Checking
  • Write Selection Reports
  • Feedback to Applicants

ChoiceOne has experience in working on both pool and appointment processes at all levels from Government Traineeships and Graduate programs, to Director General and other Class 1 and 2 positions, as well as Aboriginal recruitment and 50D positions.

We have also been involved with Executive Searches and have worked with several Government Departments to maximise attraction strategies and advertising methods, including reviewing Job Descriptions to ensure the ‘right’ applicants apply for the role. These attraction strategies work towards maximising talent sourcing.

For candidate evaluation, ChoiceOne also provides a range of assessments and testing to evaluate a candidates behaviourial style, along with computer literacy and administrative abilities.

To find out how ChoiceOne’s Government sector solutions can help you, please call us or send us your enquiry below.

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