Can you be productive while commuting?

Long commutes are boring, annoying and a real waste of time. I HATE commuting.  When I find myself stuck on public transport, I usually drift off to sleep.

When I lived on the Gold Coast I commuted by bus each day from Kirra to Surfers Paradise, an hour each way. I had it down pat; I would be dozing, 5 minutes into the trip, and wake up about 45 seconds before my bus stop. I was amazed at my ability and super powers to do this.  I never missed my stop.

In saying that, I could write a VERY funny blog post about the time I had way too many Friday after work drinkie poos and was woken by the bus driver at Tweed Heads at the depot at 3am in the morning…Love…love…wake up !!  Mmmm very embarrassing.  God love him, he actually drove me back home in the bus.

Anyway since my horror story above, I have since realised though that there’s a much better way to spend my time than sleeping or getting irritated.

1. Read a book.

I have tons of books that I haven’t come around to finishing. Long commutes are a great time to catch up on my reading. I just bring a book and let time pass me by. For an hour of commute, I am bound to finish at least three chapters.

But you tell me, “I’m not into reading!” Why not give audio books a try?

2. Know what’s going on.

If you are like me, I am sometimes way too busy to catch up on current events. Do you know why traffic today is more horrible than yesterday? Is a major road construction going on? Who’s the prime minister, again? Know what’s going on in your area by reading the newspaper or surfing the net for news. Subscribe to RSS feeds from the Sydney Herald or the ABC News  – Keep updated on events.

3. Text a friend.

Working can take a toll on relationships. I get that. I have several friends who I haven’t talked to in months except for the occasional emails or quick chats. Long commutes are a great way to check up on your friends. You can text to catch up – Better yet, set a coffee date. You could call them but one of my absolute pet hate is people who talk (sometimes loudly) on public transport – everybody can hear their conversation. So up to you text (my suggestion) or call.


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